5 places to consider staying at if you are a foodie

Singapore is a food lover’s paradise. Almost everywhere you go; there is something delicious right round the corner.

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Admin @zrooom 23-Nov-2018

5 places to consider staying at if you are a foodie

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, Singapore is a food lover’s paradise. Almost everywhere you go; there is something delicious right round the corner. However, not all neighbourhoods are created equal, and there are some neighbourhoods that seem to have more to offer in terms of culinary chops.Indeed, those staying in some of ther newer estates or those located more far off often lament the lack of good food choices.

So without further ado, here are five places to live in if your motto in life is to “live to eat”.

  1. For the K-Pop lovers

If you love riding the K-wave, and anything that hails from the land of kimchi, then you need to explore the Tanjong Pagar area. With a wide range of Korean fare, ranging from the ever-popular Korean barbecue to scrumptious fried chicken and beer outlets, Tanjong Pagar is the place to be at to savour authentic Korean fare. Tanjong Pagar’s proximity to the CBD also means that popular eateries such as Maxwell Food Centre and Amoy Street Food Centre are also nearby – perfect for when you crave local fare!


  1. For those who must have supper

Easties have long boasted their area’s dominance in terms of supper options and not without good reasons. From the famous Bedok 85 bak chor mee soup noodles at Feng Shan, to the herbal rice noodles at Bedok North, there is really no lack of food choices, especially in the central eastern area. And of course, well-know food places such as East Coast Lagoon (located within East Coast Park) and Changi Village Market and Food Centre ( the nasi lemak and chicken horfun are highly recommended!) are popular supper spots as well, even amongst those who do not stay in the east.


  1. For the brunch hoppers

Brunch is a food phenomenon that has caught on in recent years; because before that we used to have proper meals like breakfast and lunch (anyone remembers them?). Jokes aside, it is indeed true that the café fad of western-style brunches and good coffee is still gaining traction, and just about every other week, there seems to be a new hipster joint popping up. Whilst such cafes can be found all over the island, the original birthplace of such cafes is without doubt, Tiong Bahru estate.


We love the overall chill-out vibe of the area, and the low-rise HDB flats are a relic that cannot be found elsewhere. Try out pastries from well-known Tiong Bahru Bakery, or head to Forty Hands for their famed coffee brew.


  1. For Indian food lovers

For those who cannot do without their roti prata, or naan, or curry, or briyani…the list goes on, the best place to stay would be along Serangoon road at Little India. Besides the convenience of staying in this central location (only 1 stop from Dhoby ghaut!), the area is also home to a delicious range of south and north Indian cuisine. If you need to do some last minute shopping, just head to Mustafa Centre, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and sells literally everything you can think of, from groceries to electrical appliances.


If you ever tire of Indian cuisine, you will also be glad to know the area is also home to eateries selling bak kut teh and dim sum – how awesome is that?


  1. If you cannot do without durian


Durian is a fruit that one often has a love-hate relationship with. How can something that tastes so good, smell so bad? In any case, if there is one area that is well-known for its abundance of stalls selling the beloved fruit. Most of the time, these stalls sell durian the whole year round, so if you love the smell, Geylang would be a good place to settle down in. In any case, Geylang is also a hotspot for other supper options, and although the area is also known for being a red light district, it is also a centrally located estate that has seen the property in the area increase in value over the years. Not too bad a housing location we say. If you need to find a room in Singapore, please drop us line here!