About Us | ZRooom ™

We are a team of real estate professionals and technology experts who have been in the real estate property sales & management industry for over 12 years. With the fast growthing technology, business landscape is changing rapidly, more and more corporates are adapting new hiring strategies that require dynamic and mobile work forces. As a result, we are seeing more and more tenants are unable to fulfill their long-term lease term due to changes in their career and needs for relocation.

Therefore, we are creating ZRooom ™ rental booking platform to allow foreign professionals and international students to book mid to long-term rental housing more efficiently. Basically, the apartments and co-living spaces we provide are fully furnished with all necessary furniture and home appliances, which saves tenants the time and cost of buying furniture and home appliances; most importantly the lease term are more flexible, it starts from 3 months onwards which is the minimum requirement set by the Singapore authority (URA). The flexible lease term allows tenants to more flexibly deal with various changes that may occur in the future without incurring economic losses.

We combine our years of real estate industry experience and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to creating an high-efficient, low-cost and secured booking platform, so that you will find your comfortable home easily when you are away from home.

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